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23 July 2013

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The HeartNewsLinks website, and it's parts, provides a place for HeartNewsLinks members and their families and networks to share experiences, questions and ideas and gain support from others who are dealing with similar circumstances.

By using the HeartNewsLinks website, you agree to the following terms of use:

Visiting the HeartNewsLinks Information and Interactive Pages:

We are unable to give medical advice.

Since every case of a heart condition is different, any medical information displayed on the HeartNewsLinks website should be used ONLY in conjunction with advice from a doctor. Such information cannot and should not be used to replace professional advice from a doctor.

The views expressed

on the HeartNewsLinks website are those of the participants, or are sourced from elsewhere on the Internet, and do not necessarily reflect those of the persons associated with HeartNewsLinks.

We reserve the right

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  • Any message containing racist, sexist or vulgar language
  • Any message that may be interpreted as defamatory, against an individual or organisation
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No correspondence relating to deleted messages will be entered into via the message board. Please contact HeartNewsLinks via the contact page.

Advertsing and Promotion

This site contains information, directories, advertisements and other material where a good or service, or their supplier, is mentioned. We do not endorse or promote any goods, service or suplier.

HeartNewsLinks primarily uses emails, as well as the Internet, to inform, communicate, market and promote its goods and services. By providing HeartNewsLinks with your email address you are consenting to receive emails from us.

We do not sell or disclose our email lists to 3rd parties.

Personal Information

Any information disclosed on this website becomes public information and therefore you should exercise caution when choosing whether to disclose your personal details.

Unless you choose to do so, email addresses will not be disclosed when using the website. HeartNewsLinks does not collect email addresses from the website in any way excpet through the usual sign in process to manage profiles and to communicate with you directly about HeartNewsLinks matters. However, we are unable to stop third parties from collecting email addresses posted directly b y you on the website.