Advertise with us

Ad Options

Currently, we offer only two advertising positions:

  • Sidebar (325 × 195 pixels in the column)
  • Content (720 × 125 pixels at the end of the main content section)

These adverts will scale depending on the platform used by the viewer (eg desktop, tablet, phone - landscape or portrait)

The 3 types of advertisement are:

  • text
  • image
  • flash (not advised since falsh is not available on all platforms such as ipads)


Advertisement positions are not exclusive.

All advertisers' adverts will rotate continuously on a timed transition.


Pricing details vary according to the type of advert.

Prices are shown during the ordering process.

Payment details will be taken on submission, but processing will not be completed unless the advert is approved.

Submission and Activation

Submit your proposed advertisement by completing the details on this page.

Once your advert has been checked, you will be notified if it has been approved or not approved.

If approved, your advert will be activated on the date requested or on the day of approval.


Statistics (eg CTR) are available for your advert.