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Wide Blood Cell Distribution causes depression A link has been discovered between Red Blood Cell Distribution Width (RDW) and depression.

What is RDW? Sounds complicated? It is a part of a standard complete blood count - so it's easy to check!

"Elevated red blood distribution widths are associated with anemia, but it also appears to be associated with other poor outcomes, like heart attacks, heart failure, death and now depression," said Heidi May, PhD, MSPH, the study's principal researcher.

A simple RDW test can now help doctors identify heart patients at risk of depresssion - and get strategies to help the patient sooner.

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Start your search for heart information at (HNL) fills a desperate need for a huge slice of society (more people are affected by heart issues than all cancers combined) by crossing boundaries to deliver the world's best "1st place to look for answers to heart issues".

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We help people in the heart community during three critical times:

Upon Learning of a Heart Condition

We instantly find for you the best, most up-to-date information.

After Acceptance

We match you to the support you need.

When Stable

We help you find ways to give back and help others.

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Take the global heart community in your pocketYou want access to your global heart community where and when you need it - such as on the bus, in a waiting room, at the mall, in bed, etc.

Our perpetual quest is to continue to make things easier for you.

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HeartNewsLinks (HNL) links you with all the world's heart people and groups.
You are pointed to charities, support groups & professionals that do amazing work.
You get what you need easily - the hard searches done: information, news, research, clinical trials & videos.
You can easily connect with others who know what it's like in your shoes.

What's different with us?
Charities must be registered in a country's jurisdiction - meaning they can't operate elsewhere.
By linking all groups in a global heart community, we help you reach beyond borders to find what you need.
We're crossing borders to help groups better support those affected by heart conditions.
Watch the video below to see how is different.

Global Update

HeartNewsLinks gets visitors from over 120 countries ... representing about 6,270 million (91.2%) of the world's population. We're very proud of this, yet we ask your help spreading the Heart Awareness Cause even further. Please share our site.
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HeartNewsLinks groupsThere are over 420 independent groups on - many of which may be ideal for you to link with. They focus on over 100 heart conditions that are detailed on this site. Whilst this is a good start, you can help make your global heart community even stronger and more connected by providing details of any groups you discover that are not yet represented here.

HeartNewsLinks cardiologistsMore than 10,000 cardiologists are on the services directory. They represent many countries around the world. If you do not find your cardiologist, then please let them know to link up with our global heart community for a more professional and strong network.

HeartNewsLinks has community forums for its members to discuss matters that are specific to them and those that know what they are experiencing.
We have forums specifically for:
* over 100 heart conditions,
* 10 age groups,
* 9 supporting roles, and for
* 5 statuses of a condition.